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wHO mAkES tHiS sHiT??

Howdy.  Hi there!  How are ya?

It's me. I do.

Let's get the ball rolling, shall we... I believe that art doesn't really become ART to somebody until they make that first connection. That's why I don't always (ever) release new work with a breakdown. I want you to find your own feelings; make your own connections. At the beginning, middle, and end of the day, this is my art, and it is created with my spirit.. but practice feeling art instead of just consuming it. Let's have those awesome conversations!

So, to get a better idea of the "me" in my art - here is a tiny bit about me...

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i'm Aspen

My pronouns are She/Her They/Them

  • My pets are my children.

  • I fucking love plants 

  • I went to school for Art Therapy, but then life kicked me in the tits. So, I dropped out after my second year, and here we are..  (Love it. 9/10 would do it again - capitalism tainted the beauty of education)

  • I'm from a tiny yee haw town in Wisconsin, and making the best of it in Minnesota.. Will literally travel any chance I get (please, for the love of god, if you get anything out of this- buy my art so my gay ass can move out of the Midwest)

I have been fortunate enough to have been able to travel and learn more through living (I am not nearly satisfied yet though) . Art is everywhere, we just forget to live in it sometimes.  Experiencing diversity is one thing that gives me comfort in my process and style, and keeps me motivated. It really is quite amazing thinking about all the beings creating in this world, and all hearts out there waiting to be seen. To me, that alone is pretty inspiring. 

I would best describe my art as a little bit all over the place. I'm a total mess, and so is my art. I'm mentally ill (lol) and have ADHD, so I have a different process and relationship with each medium. That is why my style looks inconsistent. I love it.

I also find inspiration in the passion in this world. I do my very best to live with an open heart and an open mind, and can say with confidence that my morals are planted firmly. They are the foundation of my being, and a consistent theme that runs through my work. 

Female anatomy, feminine liberation and energy has been by far one of my most passionate, and most frequent inspirations. I also draw heavily from the love, diversity, and strength from my fellow queers and peers. We meet many people in this lifetime, and I keep a handful in my pocket that I would move the moon for, and I think that's pretty cool...

Soooo anyways, here you are, looking at my brain poops -  thanks for comin'

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Common Themes:

  • Feminine Strength

  • Human Form

  • Growth

  • Mental/Physical/Spiritual Health

  • Liberated Sexuality

  • Social Conflict/ Human Rights 

  • Individuality

  • Love, Hurt, and Connection

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The grind don't stop

Art has always been a major part of my life since before I can even remember. . . I was always a passionate kid.

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What do i want from my art?

Transparence. I want representation, unity, solidarity, and education. Remembering to live for yourself. I want to have those awkward, uncomfortable conversations. I want having those conversations to become normal. Comfortably uncomfortable. To grow.  

 Art can be beautiful, safe, and visually appealing, but most important it should make you feel; capture you, even just for a moment. Whether it be the concept, or the visual, when given the chance, that confusion or awkward discomfort can open up your world to perspectives you may have never considered. 

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The Answers You Probably Aren't Seeking 

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Why do you make art?
What does it mean to you?

I make art because that's all I know. I feel it in every part of my existence and I couldn't stop if I wanted to. I feel a lot of big feeling, and art is what keeps me grounded. It's how I process, and it's how I cope.

You're an artist, so you just like, paint, right?? Can you do a real looking painting of me and my *insert person/people/animal/and what not*

  1.  I do a lot of stuff....Paint, sculpt, embroider, write poetry, fine art photography (film over digital any day),  digital drawing, make jewelry, did some felting back in the day, a lot of mixed medial stuff...​​

  2. I can, but in my style. I don't do realism, It's not my kink. I don't like trying to mimic life, I interpret it, make something new🤷‍♀️

Why don't you just focus on one medium? 

I will dive more in depth with this later in my blog, but here is the quick answer:

I have ADHD, along with a variety pack of trauma and other mental illnesses, so I have different relationships with different mediums that also play along with factors in my environment. I need that range and diversity when creating- and life in general. I also just really fucking love art and like to try new stuff.

Why  'MopBucket'?


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