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Howdy art sluts: what’s up

Hello beautiful people! My God, what a summer this has turned out to be… Definitely not what I was planning but here we are, rolling with the punches!

I’ve been cranking out some new pieces that I will be sharing soon and will later be added to the shop, I’ve got some fun fragrances brewing in the test kitchen that I plan to release at the end of the month 🤞, new wall pieces, and am just super ready for fall😭😭

As some of you know, at the beginning of the summer I had to say goodbye to my beautiful apartment in Duluth.... yes I still cry about it. I was ready to hit the open road, but the wagon said “lol no bitch, I’m gonna blow the engine so you can spend the summer back in yee haw county in your parents basement”... no, I’m not okay 😂

BUT ANYWAYS..... needless to say I’ve had a little time on my hands between the mental breakdowns, and hope y’all like the new stuff coming your way in just a little bit 💛 And since I’m floating in purgatory atm, all new pieces will be up and offered through Instagram a week before they go up on the website (it’s just easier for me to process orders quickly through there, and I’m able to offer a little discount); Also, because I’m creating some more individual, higher price point pieces and limited series sets, so it’s a easier platform to communicate through!

✨all proceeds will be used towards getting me the fuck out of this town in one piece✨

thank you my lovelies 🥰

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